Article in SubTelForum Magazine

January 15, 2023

Article in SubTelForum Magazine

“This article focuses on trans-Atlantic cable systems for two reasons. First, the trans-Atlantic route is traditionally where the newest cable technologies have been introduced over the past 150 years. Second, it offers superior cable capacity than the other trans-oceanic routes, due to its moderate length and strong pressure to minimize the cost per transported bit.”

While the subsea fiber optic cable industry has seen unprecedented growth over the past three decades, many wonder if recent technical evolutions will be able to support the forecasted traffic demand growth.

Written by Pioneer Consulting’s Partner Bertrand Clesca, and Director of Client Solutions Philip deGuzman, this important industry topic is examined in the article titled, “Are There Enough Subsea Cables?”

Read the full article from pages 83-87 here or download an electronic copy: “Are there Enough Subsea Cables?”

Articled published in January 2023’s Submarine Telecoms Forum Inc. #128 Global Outlook

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