Q&A in Offshore Engineer Magazine

June 30, 2023

Q&A in Offshore Engineer Magazine

“The main benefit of fiber optic cables for oil and gas applications is the advantage of direct fiber connectivity between onshore sites and offshore facilities and assets. Having direct, high-capacity traffic connectivity to floating oil platforms provides all the benefits of reliable communication that any standard telecommunication system would likewise provide. Considering the harsh operating environment and remoteness of these production platforms out in the ocean, a stable and reliable line of communication and data flow are critical.”

In August 2022, Pioneer Consulting was selected to aid the deployment of the Petrobras Malha Óptica subsea cable system in Brazil—a 1,200 km oil and gas fiber network. In the May/June 2023 issue of Offshore Engineer, Director of Client Solutions Austin Shields, provided an update on the project.

You may download an electronic copy of the article here: “Subsea Fiber Optic Cable Systems for Offshore Energy Projects: A Q&A” or read it online via the following link.


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