Industry Focus 2022/2023: Optical Connections Magazine

December 19, 2022

Industry Focus 2022/2023: Optical Connections Magazine

In the article, “Optical Networks in 2023: Scale, Simplicity, Sustainability,” Pioneer Consulting’s Philip deGuzman, discussed the future of the submarine cable market and shared his predictions and insights on expected fiber optic trends that will advance the industry, as well as the positive impact of new cable model strategies.

“The first trend we’ll see continue to gain traction is the use of space division multiplexing technology (SDM), which enables combining many optical fibers within a single undersea cable. Soon it will not be uncommon to see undersea cables installed with 32, 48, or even 64 fibers, where just recently a 24-fibre cable was considered to be a large number.”

Read the full article starting on page 16 here.

Article written by Peter Dykes of Optical Connections.

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