Pioneer Consulting Appoints France-Based Senior Consultant

April 10, 2019

Pioneer Consulting Appoints France-Based Senior Consultant

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Following several recent assignments with the company, France-based Mr. Bertrand Clesca has joined Pioneer Consulting in a senior capacity to augment its core team that specializes in submarine and terrestrial fiber optic system services. Specifically, Pioneer Consulting provides turnkey project management and integration, procurement, system design, engineering and implementation, permitting, financial and technical due diligence as well as market and technical studies. Most recently, Pioneer Consulting has specialized in the disaggregated system model—all of the above client services in which Bertrand will partake.

Bertrand Clesca has joined @PioneerConsults

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Speaking on behalf of Pioneer Consulting while attending SubOptic 2019, Managing Partner Howard Kidorf, expressed: “Over many months, Bertrand has worked independently alongside Pioneer and demonstrated his ability to provide superior capability to meet the needs of our clients. We are very pleased he is immediately augmenting Pioneer’s core competencies in servicing the needs of our international clients in engineering, business planning, project and management advisory services.”

Bertrand’s background brings 30 years of knowledge in optical telecommunications coupled with a breadth of expertise ranging from research to engineering marketing and business development. In addition to authoring or co-authoring over 80 peer-reviewed publications, Bertrand also holds numerous patents in the area of optical amplification for multichannel transmission and advanced modulation formats for optical transmission.

Also attending SubOptic 2019, Bertrand commented onsite: “The opportunity to help build Pioneer Consulting’s core strengths and to meet the needs of its clients, particularly in the EMEA region and beyond, is both a challenge and a privilege.”

Before joining Pioneer Consulting, Bertrand worked for a US-based supplier of optical networking solutions for long-haul, high-capacity optical transmission subsea/terrestrial infrastructure for 12 years where he was responsible for client development. In 2014, Bertrand founded his own consulting boutique focusing on optical infrastructure enabling web and cloud worldwide.

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